Rabbit Cardiac Troponin-I

Rabbit Cardiac Troponin-I
Product Code
Stage / Grade
Highly Purified
R.M. Source
Fresh Frozen Rabbit Heart
Concentration Range
0.25 - 2.0 mg/mL
Buffer Matrix & pH
8M Urea, 50mM TrisCl (pH 7.4), 100mM NaCl, 2mM EDTA, 5mM β-mercaptoethanol (may also contain ~0.5mM CaCl2)
Optimal Storage Temperature
-20 °C to -70 °C (avoid repeated freeze-thawing)

Quality Control Methods / Results

Protein % Purity Range
≥ 95%
Quality Methods Used
SDS PAGE: ~24 kDa band

Physical Characteristics

Shelf Life
5 years @ -25 °C or ↓
No filtration

Troponin-I (Tn-I) is one of three subunits that form the troponin complex of the thin filaments of striated muscle.  The troponin complex serves as a calcium-sensitive switch that regulates striated muscle contraction.  Tn-I binds actin and inhibits actomyosin ATPase activity in the absence of calcium.  Cardiac Tn-I is characterized by a molecular weight of ~24 kDa.  It is expresssed only in the heart and has proved to be a specific biomarker for cardiac muscle damage.  Cardiac Tn-I is purified by ion-exchange chromatography in conjunction with calcium dependent affinity chromatography on Troponin-C agarose.





Use Statement: For use in Research or Remanufacture of non-injectable products not subject to license under PHS Act Section 351 only.